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What to Expect
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Doctors of chiropractic use a drug-free and non-surgical, hands-on approach to alleviate mechanical disorders of the joints, muscles and ligaments, improving spine and nerve function and relying on the body’s inherent recuperative abilities to promote healing.

Treatment consists of highly controlled specific adjustments on the entire body with a particular focus on the spine. Chiropractic care may also include advanced rehabilitation, physiotherapy, electrical stimulation, home and clinic-based exercises natural healing products, vitamins and minerals, orthotics and several other techniques.

The practice of chiropractic consists of a general health examination, diagnosis, treatment and referral to other appropriate healthcare providers if necessary. Chiropractors have a wide-range of diagnostic skills and are able to understand and provide nutrition, exercise and general health recommendations to patients to improve overall wellness and quality of life.

Chiropractors are trained for specialized knowledge and take a patient-centered approach to treatment. Each assessment is personalized to the patient’s specific needs. Chiropractors spend more time with patients, promoting a better patient-doctor relationship than most professions. This encourages patient compliance and improves outcomes.