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Patient Satisfaction
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The practice of chiropractic is extremely patient-centered and a good patient-physician relationship plays an important role in treatment. The vast majority of patients are satisfied with their chiropractic care and “patients who saw doctors of chiropractic were significantly more likely to show self-report improvement in health than patients who saw medical providers.”1 The closer relationship and deeper patient-physician connection encourages patient compliance and improves outcomes.

A United States Department of Defense report on chiropractic shows benefits and patient satisfaction:

When asked “How satisfied are you with the practitioner’s willingness to spend time with you,” 81.5% answered excellent for chiropractic care vs. 55.6% for medical care.

When asked “How satisfied are you with the explanation of your treatment,” 95.1% reported excellent with chiropractic care vs. 81.1% for medical care.

The development firm Sorelli B of Illinois released a report in 2000 that found patients want chiropractic as part of their health care options and the public believes it should be included in health care coverage.

Out of the 400 random adults surveyed in the U.S., 60% of the participants in the survey reported that “my chiropractor has improved the quality of my life.”

Patient satisfaction with chiropractic treatment reported that 37% strongly agreed that “spending money on chiropractic today saves me money tomorrow.”

1 Final Report: Chiropractic Health Care Demonstration Project. 10 February 2000. Birch & Davis Associates. Falls Church, Virginia.