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What Insurance Providers Should Know
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Today most major health insurance companies, Medicare and the Military Health System include chiropractic coverage in their policies because it is developing into a leading source of treatment in healthcare and is beneficial for insurance companies to include chiropractic treatment

As the expenses for health care continue to rise, it is important to include the most cost-effective and efficient health resources. Research proves that health plans with chiropractic coverage enjoy lower costs, quicker results with a faster return to work rates and fewer follow-up visits.

According to The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress, chiropractic care shows more improvement on short-term and long-term recovery by itself or in addition to traditional medical care. There is also evidence that shows combined intervention of adjustment, stabilization, exercise and physician consultation is more effective than medical consultations alone.

Benefits of chiropractic coverage in health plans

Healthcare plans reduce per member per year through chiropractic coverage $1,463 vs. $1,6711

According to an AMA study, benefit plan members with chiropractic coverage return to work faster, had lower claim costs and experienced fewer follow ups compared to plan members without chiropractic benefits.

According to the AMA study, health plan members with chiropractic insurance coverage compared with those without coverage had lower annual total health expenditures.

Today, almost all insurance policies include coverage of chiropractic care and some reports estimate as many as 87% of American workers have healthcare plans that include chiropractic coverage.2

Back pain is the second leading cause for visits to a physician in the U.S., and 80% of people will have back pain at some point in their life, 43% of patients seen by chiropractor went for low back pain treatment.3

A consumer survey found that over 46% of participants said that “chiropractic benefits should become core benefits in my health plan,” and 64% reported that they would increase their monthly insurance premium to have chiropractic coverage under their policy.4

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