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Prevent Injuries at Home PDF Print E-mail
Written by Valerie Smith   

Preventing Injuries: Home Tips for Patients


In addition to correcting problems that arise in patients, doctors of chiropractic are uniquely qualified to help patients prevent those problems with some common sense advice patients can use at home.

"Chiropractors study the body as it functions normally, not only from a perspective of disease, so I think we naturally think about what is normal and how patients can maintain that statues," explained Dr. Linda Denham, of Denham Chiropractic in Cartersville.

"The human body is a fabulously designed, machine, and we teach our patients to respect it. You check the gas, water and oil in your car to prevent engine failure rather than deal with a costly and often irreparable crisis due to neglect. Hopefully any doctor who has their patients' best interests in mind would talk to them about prevention," she said.

Conservative Chiropractic Care Avoids Drugs, Surgery PDF Print E-mail
Written by Valerie Smith   

Chiropractic More Valuable, Cost-Efficient vs. Physician Care, Physical Therapy PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   

A recent study conducted by medical and health care professionals outside the chiropractic profession, “Health Maintenance Care in Work-Related Low Back Pain and Its Association with Disability Recurrence,” (Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, April 2011, Vol. 53 Is. 4, p: 396-404) concludes chiropractic care to be more effective for common, work-related, low back pain (LBP), when compared to treatment by a physical therapist or physician.  Overall, chiropractic patients illustrated lower medical expenses, fewer disability recurrences and shorter initial periods of disability.


How Much Is Enough of the Sunshine Vitamin? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Valerie Smith   

The popularity of Vitamin D, sometimes called the sunshine vitamin, exploded over the past decade, with sales going from $40 million in 2001 to $430 million in 2009, according to the Nutrition Business Journal.

The surge in supplementation is due to a slew of recent epidemiological studies showing patients with higher Vitamin D levels in their blood experience better health outcomes in a wide range of maladies, from colorectal and breast cancer to stroke.

Nutrition, Supplements Promote Health and Healing PDF Print E-mail
Written by Valerie Smith   

Martha Rozman had a persistent cough for two years. After visiting multiple medical doctors and being treated with inhalers and antihistamines to no effect, she decided to try something different.

“A friend of mine recommended Dr. Billiot,” Rozman said.

Dr. Melodie Billiot runs Alternative Health Improvement Center in Marietta.

“Nutritional choices are key to our health. All day long I deal with people struggling to find and maintain their health. I tell them if you don’t take time to be healthy, you’re going to have to take time to be sick,” she said.

Two days after Rozman saw Billiot, her cough stopped.



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