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13 Healthy Habits To Improve Your Life
Written by Dulce Zamora for WebMD   

While there is no guarantee for a perfectly happy and healthy life, if you follow the listed thirteen steps, you improve your chances of boosting your quality of life. Disregard them, and you may well be taking a big gamble with your mental and emotional well being.

Chiropractic and the Treatment of Diabetes
Written by Carly Sharec   

Relatively recent research conducted on a diabetic patient in 2006 has indicated that chiropractic treatment combined with a nutritional and exercise program can indeed help negate the effects of adult on-set diabetes, better known as Type II Diabetes.

In a study on how vertebral subluxations play a role in a person’s overall health, Charles Blum, DC, the author of the paper, explained that while it is “unclear how much impact chiropractic care might have on the primary or secondary care of patients with diabetes,” the study found that the patient in question, who combined spinal adjustments with proper nutrition and exercise, had stable glucose levels merely one month into the program.